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Action Required: #reqid# Value Format Change Coming Soon

Action Required:  #reqid# Value Format Change Coming Soon

CAKE will be updating the format of the value being passed in the #reqid# token. 

Just so you know, CAKE auto-generates the Request ID value when the #reqid# token is included in your Offer link. When the redirect occurs through CAKE, the token is replaced by a unique value which can be passed back to CAKE in order to reference the consumer who clicked, and connect their clicks to the conversion (attribution) in the absence of browser cookies. The format of this unique value is changing.  APIs and UI will be impacted.

Currently, the value passed into the #reqid# token is an integer less than 12 characters. Coming soon, the value will be an alpha numeric string up to 25 characters in length. Moving to this new format allows for CAKE to have faster redirect times and greater scalability.  We recommend that any database be prepared to capture the standard 50 character length.

Action Required:  If you are currently passing #reqid# in any of your Offer/Site/Creative URLs, please make sure that you communicate the format update to any Advertisers and/or Partners that you are working with that are capturing this value.  Any database receiving and storing this value will need to be able to accept a string type value.

Tracking and Reporting Updates: Currently the #reqid# matches up to the Request Session ID in reporting, but moving forward it will match to the Tracking ID.  Tracking ID is unique to each Offer in your instance, whereas Request Session ID is shared across multiple Offers within a browser session. If you have an in-house system where you are matching the #reqid# against CAKE-exported clicks/conversions, you will now need to be able to handle strings (Tracking ID) vs integers (Request Session ID).

CAKE API Updates:  We are in the process of updating all impacted APIs that support passing the in #reqid#.  These will be updated over the coming month.

We are also updating all APIs that include the Click ID, Request Session ID, Tracking ID or Visitor ID in their response to treat them as strings vs. integers. Older versions of these APIs will start returning inaccurate data for these unique values in the near future, so we recommend upgrading to the latest versions ASAP. This may require you to alter in-house database systems to support these unique values as strings if you don’t already.

Additionally a new version of the Affiliate Click API will be released shortly that will include the Tracking ID field as well as return the Request Session ID and Unique Click ID as strings. We recommend you have any affiliates leveraging the Click API update to this latest version ASAP. If they have in-house systems matching the #reqid# against CAKE-exported clicks, they will need to be able to handle strings (Tracking ID) vs integers (Request Session ID) as well.

Updating your Advertisers and/or Partners about the new format change is extremely important. The CAKE Request ID often needs to be captured and stored within your Advertiser and/or Partners database. You will want to confirm with them that the new format of the CAKE Request ID will not be an issue. Currently, your Advertisers and/or Partners are receiving the CAKE Request ID as an integer of less than 12 characters, but once the updates have been made by CAKE, the CAKE Request ID will become a string that consists of up to 25 characters.  

Again, we recommend that any database be prepared to capture the standard 50 character length, and be able to capture a string instead of an integer.  Any CAKE API that passes this value will be updated as well.

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