Landing Pages

Landing Pages is a new feature in CAKE that will simplify your workflow. We will be updating how you interact with the Offer Links and Confirmation Page URLs on the Offer card within your CAKE instance. You can either type in your landing page or you will now have the option to select specific Landing Pages from a dropdown menu for your Offer Link or Confirmation Page URL fields.

Landing Pages are entities within CAKE that represent destination pages and confirmation pages.  With the Landing Pages entity you can accomplish the following:  

  1. Simplify Redirect Destinations
  2. Categorize Landing Pages Based on Page Details
  3. Reporting on Landing Pages

The Landing Pages feature will be available so that you won't have to rely on multiple Offer Contracts for simply redirecting traffic to different destination pages.

Landing Pages can be managed from the Offer Card> Landing Pages tab.

Please note that Offer Contracts behavior is not changing.

See our Knowledge base article for a complete review of how to use Landing pages.