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How to Test an Offer

This Article Will Cover:

What is Testing an Offer?

Once you have completed your Offer setup and your advertiser has placed the CAKE Conversion/Event Pixel(s), it is best practice to test the offer with your advertiser as this is a crucial step in the setup process prior to having live traffic. 

The testing process will enable you to verify that clicks, impressions, and conversions are tracking properly. This process can be done by you, your advertiser, or anyone who has placed the CAKE conversion pixel on the confirmation page.

How to Test an Offer

To test an offer, open the Offer card, and then click on the 'Test' button to access the Testing Instructions page.

From the Testing Instructions page, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Clear button to clear existing CAKE cookies for this Offer on the open browser to ensure a clean test.
  2. Click the Turn On button to enable CAKE's Test Mode so that Clicks and Conversions are marked as Tests in Reporting and stats such as Revenue, Cost, EPC, and more are not affected by test data.
  3. Click on the link in the second step to be redirected to the Landing Page, this link is a default tracking link for your Offer.

Once directed to the Offer's Landing Page, you will need to complete all necessary steps in the conversion funnel that has been described by the Advertiser. Once you have completed the steps for the Conversion Pixel to fire, return to CAKE's Testing Instructions Page.


When Test Mode is enabled, any Targeting set on the Offer will be bypassed.

How to Interpret Test Results

After completing the conversion funnel navigate back to the testing page and click the 'See the Results' tab on the Testing Instructions Page to view the Test Results.

The details below should appear:

Click Info

  • Date Clicked
  • Total Clicks
  • Request Session ID

Conversion Info

  • Event Type: Conversion/Install/Lead or Event Name
  • Date Converted
  • Test Lead: Yes means that this Conversion is marked as a Test in CAKE Reports.
  • Unique ID is the searchable ID number in CAKE for this unique Conversion
  • Affiliate Pixel Fired: Yes means CAKE successfully fired a 3rd party Affiliate or Campaign Pixel.
  • Order ID: The Advertiser's Transaction ID passed through in the T parameter of the Conversion Pixel.


When testing from the Offer level Testing Instructions Page, the Affiliate Pixel Fired detail will always say No as there is no actual Affiliate or Campaign entity tied to this test. To test an Affiliate's Pixel, you must test from a Campaign card.

How to View Test Conversions in Reporting

Test Clicks, Conversions, Events, and Leads can all be seen from any CAKE Master Report by filtering for Tests Only or Tests and Non-Tests. However, the Testing Report will be the easiest report to find recent tests. Simply follow these steps to navigate:

  1. Click the Affiliates or Advertisers main-tab
  2. Click the Testing sub-tab
  3. Click Recent Test Clicks, Recent Test Conversions, or Recent Lead Submissions
  4. Search for the Offer you recently tested
  5. Click the UniqueID hyperlink to see Pixel Log details and more


The Results and details of the pixel attempts made by your advertisers can be viewed in the Pixel Log located under the Advertisers main-tab.

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