This article will cover:

  • What are Referrals?

  • What is the Referrer Report?

  • How to Use the Referrer Report

  • How to Use the Referrer Drill-down

What are Referrals?


Referrals are the websites or applications that have referred customers to your website through a link. This may include PR placements, blogs, online product write-ups, etc. Referrals do not include paid media campaigns, organic search or social media. 

Within the Referral Channel is a Source called Referrals, which is created and managed by the Journey system. 


What is the Referrer Report?


In showing you the domains of websites or applications that are referring traffic to you, The Referrer Report provides valuable insight that can inform your digital strategy. 

The report will help you uncover new or unknown traffic sources, track high and low performing websites and/or applications, and identify issues in campaign configuration and data collection. This will help you perform analysis such as:

  • Evaluating business listing sites

  • Measuring PR placements

  • Detecting spam traffic

The Referrer Report also allows you to view a wide range of metrics based on where your consumers originated from. These metrics include: volume of traffic and attributed vs. assisted conversion performance, revenue generated, clicks to website, converted users, etc.

How to Use the Referrer Report

Using the Referrer Report

To view all referring traffic sources across your account, visit the Referrer Report located within the Technology Report group using these steps:

  1. Click on Reports from the main navigation

  2. Navigate to the Technology section in the sub navigation

  3. Click on Referrer in the sub navigation 

To filter this report to view touchpoints that have been attributed to the System Managed Referrals Source, follow these steps from within the Referrer Report:

  1. Navigate to the Source filter
  2. Select Referrals 

Using the Referrer Drill-down

You can better understand the where your users are coming from through utilizing the Referrer Drill-down functionality from other Reports such as: 

  • Source
  • Campaign
  • Site
  • Objective
  • Brand

To access the Referrer Drill-down functionality from one of the Reports mentioned above, follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Referrer Drill-down to your Report view
  2. Navigate to the line item within the Report
  3. Click on the Referrer Drill-down Icon

For more information on how to enable the Referrer Drill-down to your Report view, visit the Custom Report Views article.

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