This article will cover:

  • What are Sources?

  • How to Add Sources

What are Sources?

Sources are the media buying platforms, referring websites, affiliate networks, etc. within your marketing Channels (e.g. email, affiliate, publisher, social, search, etc.) that are driving traffic – new and returning consumers – to your website. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, ShareASale or your internal email team can all be considered Sources.

Sources allow you to report on Campaign performance across your Channels, view the customer journey touchpoints and evaluate the impact of those touchpoints with multi-touch attribution.

How to Add Sources 

To add a new Source, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Action Menu Icon

  2. Navigate to the Sources section

  3. Click the Add Icon


  1. Click Channels from the main navigation 

  2. Click Channels from the sub-navigation 

  3. Click on the Channel Name Icon for your Source

  4. Click on Add Source 

From the “Add a New Source” wizard that appears, complete the following fields:

  1. Name: Provide a Name for the Source, i.e. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

  2. Channel: Select the Source’s default Channel from the list (see note below for cases when you choose Affiliate Channel)

  3. Status: Select Active, Inactive or Pending (see note below for descriptions)

  4. Integration Type: If you select Affiliate, the integration field will be hidden. If you do not select Affiliate, a list of your available media integrations will display

  5. Click Next to review

  6. Click Finish to create the Source

Note that in Step 2, if you select the Affiliate Channel, these optional informational fields will appear:

  • Media Type

  • Price Format

  • Status

  • Contact Email

  • Contact First Name

  • Contact Last Name

  • Contact Phone

  • Send Login Details: If enabled, this will send an email to the address listed for the Affiliate to create a login for the Affiliate Portal

Note that in Step 3, Status will be assigned as one of the following:

  • Active: This status will assume a valid Source of traffic, meaning that all Campaign activity will affect reporting metrics

  • Inactive: Links will not redirect and consumers will not be tracked or shown in stats. 

  • Pending: This status is for Affiliates that are going through the signup process. While in this status, Affiliate’s will not have access to campaigns until made active.

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