This article will cover:

  • What is a Campaign?

  • How to Add a Campaign

What is a Campaign?

In general marketing terms, a “campaign” is typically considered an overall marketing initiative, e.g. activities around the launch of a new product. 

Within Journey, we define “Campaign” more granularly.

A Campaign is the connection between a Source (media buying platforms, referring websites, affiliate networks, etc. driving traffic to your site) and an Objective for your Site. For example, if you have only one affiliate running awareness ads to the home page, that will represent one Campaign in Journey. If you then decide to have the affiliate run a remarketing campaign, then you will have two Campaigns for that Affiliate.

Every time a Source is connected to an Objective within the Site, a new Campaign is added. This specificity allows for granular reporting on the performance of all Campaigns and customer journeys to your Site.  

How to Add a Campaign

To Add a new Campaign, complete these steps:  

  1. Open the Site Card

  2. Click on the Campaigns tab

  3. Click Add Campaign 


  1. Click on the Action Menu button

  2. Navigate to the Campaigns section

  3. Click the Add icon

From the “Create a Campaign” wizard that appears, complete the following fields:

  1. Select the Source from the dropdown list

  2. Select the Channel for this Campaign

  3. Select the Site Objective to associate this Campaign to

  4. Select the Media Type that will be used

  5. Adjust the Payout amount for Affiliates if necessary

  6. Confirm Status is set to Active

  7. Click Next to review

  8. Click Finish to create the Campaign

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