This article will cover:

  • What are Creatives?

  • How to Add Creatives

  • Understanding Creative Card Functionality

  • How to Generate Creative-specific Campaign Unique Links

What are Creatives?

Creatives are advertising campaign assets (e.g. banner images, email copy, videos, etc.) that consumers interact with across all marketing channels: social, display, email, etc. With the Creatives feature in Journey, you have the ability to track and report on the performance of each of these assets.

For informational and reporting purposes, Journey categorizes Creatives into the following types:

  • Link (hyperlink embedded within the copy of an article, email, or other asset)

  • Email (email copy)

  • Image (PNG, JPG, etc.)

  • Flash (Shockwave Files .swf) 

  • Text

  • HTML

  • Video

How to Add Creatives

Creatives are added on the Site card under the Creatives tab. During this process, you will assign the Creative Type, the Landing Page it redirects to and which Channels it is available to. 

One of the easiest ways to add a Creative is through the “Add Creative” wizard. To access the Add Creative wizard, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Action Menu Icon

  2. Navigate to the Creatives section

  3. Click Add Creative Icon


  1. Click on the Creatives tab of the Site card

  2. Click Add Creative

To add a new Creative from the “Add Creative” wizard, follow these steps:

  1. Select your Site from the list

  2. Select the Creative Type 

  3. Select the Status* (See below for information on each status: Active, Inactive or Hidden)

  4. Give the Creative a Name 

  5. Click Next

  6. Tick the available Channels for this Creative (Note: If a Creative is made available to the Affiliate Channel, that Creative and its assets will be available within the Affiliate Portal)

  7. Click Finish

  8. Upload your asset files with the “File Upload” wizard (Note: If you select Link as the Creative Type in step 2, the “File Upload” wizard will not appear)

*The Creative Status will be assigned as one of the following:

  • Active: This status will redirect consumers to the Landing Page.

  • Inactive: This status will not redirect consumers to the Landing Page, but instead to the Global Redirect where they will not be considered for campaign reporting metrics. Use this is you want an affiliate to stop using / making money from a Creative asset (e.g. maybe it was limited to a holiday promotion.)

  • Hidden: With this status, the Creative will be considered Active but will not be displayed in the Portal to any Affiliate.

Understanding Creative Card Functionality

The Creative Card allows you to describe the asset with additional information and make it available to others, including employees or Affiliates. Through the Creative Card, you can add additional detail to the creative such as: 

  • Name: Unique naming convention assigned to the creative asset

  • 3rd Party Name: Name or ID associated with the creative from another source, e.g. ad ID from Facebook or Google

  • Type: Categorization of the Creative asset

  • Dimensions: Length and width dimensions of the creative file

  • Status: Status of the creative for reporting purposes

  • Expiration Date: This will set the Creative’s Status to Inactive once met

  • Landing Page: Landing Page Name and URL for where the Creative’s Tracking Link will redirect 

  • Allow Link Override: When enabled, the Creative will allow for deep-linking to a Landing Page URL specified within the ckmrdr parameter of the link (e.g. can be used by ecommerce brands who want to redirect users to specific product pages from retargeting ads)

  • Channels: Tick the box to assign the Creative to specific Channels 

Generating Creative-specific Campaign Unique Links

When generating Campaign Unique Links, be sure to utilize Creative-specific Links within the Campaign. This will provide you with valuable insight into the performance of each individual Creative. 

To generate a Creative-specific Campaign Unique Link, open the “Generate a Unique Link” wizard (what we call Unique Link wizard below.) 

To open the Unique Link wizard from Main Navigation:

  1. Click on the Action Menu Icon

  2. Click Generate Unique Link

To open the Unique Link wizard from a Campaign card:

  1. Click Generate Link from the Home tab

From the Unique Link wizard, complete the following steps:

  1. Specify the Channel of the Campaign

  2. Select the Source of the Campaign

  3. Select the Campaign Name

  4. Select the Creative Name

  5. Click Next

  6. Click on the Unique Link and Copy it 

  7. Embed the Unique Link within your Creative

To download Creative Asset files and the associated Unique Links from a Campaign card:

  1. Click on Download Assets from the Home tab

  2. Select Creative Pack as Asset Type

  3. Click Finish to download assets

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