This article will cover:

  • What are Objectives?

  • How to Add and Edit Objectives

What are Objectives?

Objectives are a way to group or segment your Campaigns to help you reach your business goals. Objectives are typically based off reaching consumers in different stages throughout the marketing funnel (e.g. awareness, remarketing). Objectives can also support Targeting Rules based on region or language, multiple affiliate price formats (CPC, CPA, revshare) and more.

When configuring Campaigns, each will be tied to an Objective within the Site. This allows you to gain a further level of understanding through reporting on Campaigns based on their Objective grouping. 

Please note: the Cake Implementation Team will handle the initial configuration. You will be responsible for configuring any new Campaigns – unless it's for Google, Bing or Facebook Connections, in which case Journey will automatically create those Campaigns for you.

Objective settings include: 

  • Price Format: Objectives can have a unique Price Format that will allow you to calculate ad spend and affiliate payouts based on different metrics.

  • Targeting: Objectives can have unique Targeting Rules applied to only the Campaigns tied to this Objective, like a Landing Page redirect based on the users region. 

  • Landing Page: Objectives can have a distinct Landing Page, such as a page designed for a holiday promotion.

  • Payout: This is the default payout for Source Campaigns tied to this Objective. 

How to Add and Edit Objectives

From the Site card, follow these steps to add an Objective:

  1. Click on the Objectives tab 

  2. Click Add 

  3. Assign a Name to the Objective

  4. (Optional) Assign a secondary name to display to Affiliates in the Portal Alias field (e.g. if you want to name it something externally that’s different from an internal naming convention)

  5. (Optional) Input a Description of the Objective for the Affiliate Portal

  6. Select a Landing Page from the dropdown list

  7. Select a Confirmation Page from the dropdown list

  8. Select the Price Format 

  9. Assign the Affiliate Payout if applicable

  10. Tick Hidden if you do not want this Objective to display in the Affiliate Portal

  11. Click Create to finish / add Objective

To edit Objective settings, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Name of the Objective 

  2. Navigate to the Objectives information section

  3. Update the fields as necessary

  4. Click Save

Note that it’s important to choose wisely. Since Campaigns and associated reporting will be tied to an Objective, the Objective cannot be deleted. Please Contact your Client Success Manager if you need guidance on how to create Objectives that will best serve your needs.  

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