Vertical: Usually industry or product specific. Verticals will be used to categorize Offers. Affiliates are able to filter Offers by Vertical. Examples include Debt Settlement, Dating or Health & Beauty.

Vertical Category: A higher or more broad classification of Verticals. Every Vertical is associated to a Vertical Category. This is an editable list. Affiliates can filter Offers by Vertical or Vertical Categories depending on the Global Setting selected. Examples include Finance or EDU.

Advertiser: The owner or broker of an Offer. Every Offer is associated to an Advertiser and an Advertiser can have 1 or multiple Offers.

Offer: Usually associated to a specific landing page. Affiliates run traffic to Offers and are able to access Creatives, Suppression Lists, From and Subject Lines etc. from the Offer. Offers are associated to a specific Advertiser and Vertical.

Affiliate: Also known as a Publisher. The Affiliate is the source running traffic to an Offer. Affiliates can either be manually added to Cake or can signup through the Affiliate Signup page.

Campaign: The specific relationship between Affiliate and Offer. Affiliate-specific payouts along with Caps, Expiration date and Status can be modified within the Campaign.