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How to Configure Invoca Call Tracking Campaigns in CAKE

This article will cover the following:

- Setting up Invoca within CAKE

- Where to add Invoca credentials within CAKE


When you sign up with Invoca, you will be provided 4 API data-points that CAKE will need to connect to your Invoca account.  These settings need to be entered into CAKE in SetUp > Third Party Integration Settings.

  • API Domain
  • API Key
  • API Login
  • API Network ID

Next, CAKE will run a script to sync existing Affiliate and Advertiser ID’s and add them into your Invoca account.

  • If you do not have any Affiliates or Advertisers in Invoca currently, then this is simple. CAKE can import all Affiliates and Advertisers into your Invoca account.  Reach out to your Account Manager to initiate this sync.
  • If you have Affiliate and Advertisers in Invoca already, Invoca needs to be provided a list of those ID's in CAKE to update their ID’s to match CAKE. The reporting integration will NOT work unless these ID’s match between CAKE and Invoca.
  • From the point of activation, every new Affiliate and Advertiser added to CAKE will be ported over to Invoca as "super users" but roles dictate login access. Specifically with regard to Advertisers, the role can be limited by default in Invoca.

What Invoca Does

Invoca is an AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform that helps marketers get campaign attribution and actionable data from inbound phone calls. Invoca delivers real-time call analytics to help marketers take informed actions based on data generated before and during a phone conversation. As a result, marketers can dramatically improve ROI by driving more revenue-generating calls, increasing conversion rates, personalizing the customer journey, and running more efficient campaigns.

Setting up Offers & Viewing Data

Setting up Offers & Viewing DataZoom: Setting up Offers & Viewing Data
  1. Users will set up campaign payment terms directly in Invoca
  2. Users will then create the Offer in CAKE
  3. In the Invoca admin, map the CAKE Offer ID (and CAKE Creative ID if you wish) so that the Offer ID's match in both systems and if you're doing a web integration, the link builds properly.

Once this is complete, you will be able to see your Invoca stats on the Conversion Card within CAKE.  The Invoca tab will only display on conversions that are created from the Invoca Transaction API.  You can also export the Invoca tab of the conversion card to a CSV file.

More Invoca Data on Conversion Card

More Invoca Data on Conversion CardZoom: More Invoca Data on Conversion Card

Here you can see more data that will be ported over from Invoca.

Affiliate Login & Reporting

Affiliate Login & Reporting

Affiliate reporting and Invoca access will all happen through CAKE in their portal.

The Affiliate Invoca login is very limited where the Affiliate can only see so much data - specifically in relation to their account and their campaigns.

Affiliates pulling Invoca call numbers and links

Affiliates pulling Invoca call numbers and links

Clicking the "Login to Pay Per Call" button takes you from your CAKE login to an Invoca page like the one above.

Upon agreeing to the terms, the Affiliate will be taken to a 2nd page where additional company information can be entered.  Once complete, the page will refresh to the Invoca dashboard that shows available campaigns.

Clicking on the link in the upper right of the 2nd page will enable the Affiliate to return to their CAKE portal.  Provided everything has been mapped, the sync will begin importing call stats into the CAKE system.

Advertiser Login & Reporting

Advertiser Login & Reporting

The Advertiser login to Invoca is automatically created and login link is available through the Advertiser Portal. The Advertiser login is a bit more broad by default. Advertisers CAN have a limited access setting set in Invoca as "managed Advertisers" so that they can't set up Offers or do anything beyond looking at stats.

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