This document will outline how to add a Buyer in CAKE Basic.

Adding a Buyer can be accomplished in multiple places in your CAKE Basic instance.

The first is through the Lead Gen Main Tab hover menu: Lead Gen Main Tab > Buyer > Add Buyer

The second is from the actual Buyer Grid using the 'Add Buyer' button.


A Buyer only needs a name. All other options in the Add Buyer Wizard are optional and can be chosen/edited once the Buyer has been created.

Every Buyer will need money to purchase leads. (**This is assuming leads are selling for more than $0. A Buyer does not need money if leads are selling for $0)

  • Prepaid Amount: This is the prepay method. Money can be added manually if the Buyer is sending a check, wire etc.
  • Credit Limit: This is the post pay method. Buyers will be allowed to spend as much money as you place in this field and will be invoiced at the end of the billing cycle.