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How to Set Up Quickbooks Online in CAKE

This article will cover the following:

- How to setup your Quickbooks Online Account Info in CAKE

Getting Started in Quickbooks

Quickbooks has made some changes to their authentication method and if you are currently using Quickbooks Online integration with CAKE, you will need to reconnect your account through CAKE in order to continue using the integration.  If you do not reconnect, CAKE will have difficulty getting information to your Quickbooks account.

  1. Getting started in QuickBooks online

3rd Party Integration Settings in CAKE

2.    Now Connect your QuickBooks Online Account information into CAKE

  • Go to Setup > Settings > Third Party Integrations Settings and then navigate to the Quickbooks Settings section
  • Please click on the "Connect to Quickbooks" button
  • In the Intuit sign-in window, enter your Quickbooks User ID and Password
  • Verify that the company selector window (realm picker) pops open and shows your Quickbooks companies
  • Select the company and click Continue
  • Verify that the authorization window appears, for example:
  • Click Authorize
  • You should then be brought back to your CAKE instance

Synching of Affiliates

Synching of Affiliates

Once this is setup, you will need to match your Affiliates to Quickbooks

  • Open an Affiliate Card
  • Go to the More tab (next to Info)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on "Quickbooks Unmatched"
  • It should now load your Affiliate list - if the Affiliate is already in Quickbooks, then find the corresponding name.  If not, then import into Quickbooks.

**This can also be done in the Account tab once you generate invoices.  The far right column (Quickbooks) will say either "Quickbooks Unmatched" or "Import"**

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