1. Connect your QuickBooks Online Account within CAKE 
    • Go to Setup
    • Go to Third Party Integration Settings
    • Click the Connect To Quickbooks button

    • Enter your Quickbooks credentials
    • Where to find the 'Expense Account Name' (for Affiliates for 'Vendors')
      • Company >> Lists >> Chart of Accounts
      • Select one of the Account names associated with type 'Expense'
    • Where to find the 'Expense Class Name' (for Buyers or 'Customers')
      • First, enable Class Tracking by going to Company >> Preferences >> Categories >> (check) Class Tracking
      • Click 'Save'
      • Company >> Lists >> Class List
      • From here, you can add or edit classes

  2. Once this is set up, you will need to match your Affiliates to QuickBooks
    • Open an Affiliate Card*
    • Go to the MORE tab (next to INFO)
    • Scroll to the bottom and click on "QuickBooks Unmatched"
    • It should now load your Affiliate list - if the Affiliate is already in QuickBooks, then find the corresponding name. If not, then import into QuickBooks.

* This can also be done in the Accounting tab once you generate invoices. The far right column (Quickbooks) will say either "Quickbooks Unmatched" or "Import".