This article will cover:

  • Unique Tracking Link Parameters
  • Generating Tracking Links in the Affiliate Portal

Unique Tracking Link Parameters

Section 1: What are the Unique Tracking Link Parameters?

The CAKE Unique Tracking Link is a Campaign-specific URL that allows Affiliates to redirect traffic to an Offer.

The link will have the following parameters:

  • *a:  Affiliate ID
  • *c:  Creative ID
  • p: Price Format: This parameter will not be displayed on CPA Campaigns.
  • s1:  Sub-Affiliate ID only. Values passed in this parameter should be non-unique.
  • s2-s5:  Additional tracking parameters to be used for values such as a click or session id.

Note: Required parameters are noted by an asterisk.

Generating Tracking Links in the Affiliate Portal

Section 2: How to Generate a Tracking Link

To generate a tracking link in the CAKE Affiliate Portal, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Offers tab on the left navigation
  2. Click the Offer Name you wish to generate a tracking link for
  3. Click on the Creatives tab
  4. Navigate to the Creative(s) you wish to use
  5. Click Get Link or Send Email to generate the Creative specific tracking link

Note: Each Creative has it's own Unique Tracking Link for detailed performance reporting.