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How to View and Edit Lead Information

Lead Information Tab

This document walks through the Lead Information tab of the Lead Card.

Under the Lead Information Tab on the Lead card, you will find:
  • Lead ID: The CAKE assigned ID for that specific Lead
  • Personal Information: The consumer's Personal Information (basic fields) which is editable
  • Consumer History: The Consumer History will show you when this lead came into CAKE, if and when it was edited, as well as by whom, and if the lead was successfully posted or not.

Also from this card, you can change the conversion price for this lead using the “Change Price” button just above the Consumer History. Clicking on this button will bring up another wizard where you are able to change the price, assign a disposition, apply to a bill, and even add notes.

Sale Info sub-tab

The “Sale Info” sub-tab will show you everything you need to know about the sale of this lead, including the price paid and received, the Affiliate and the Campaign that it is associated with, as well as other information such as whether or not it was returned.

This Affiliate and SubID information are captured on the click if a browser or session post, and on the post for server posts.

Vertical Specific sub-tab

The “Vertical Specific” sub-tab will you show you the fields that you have added specifically for this Vertical, outside of the default basic fields that we provide.

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