This article covers:

- How to setup postback tracking with partners using HasOffers via a postback.

For a general overview of server-to-server tracking, see this article.

Working With an Affiliate

When working with an affiliate using HasOffers all you need to do is take the CAKE tracking link they will use:


And add "&s2={transaction_id}" to the end, resulting in:{transaction_id}


This is the tracking link that the affiliate will use in HasOffers.


For the postback, they will provide something like:



All you need to do is add the s2 token to return the value of the transaction that they passed to you on the click, which will look like this:


Working With an advertiser 

if you're working with an advertiser using HasOffers, take their tracking link, which looks something like this:


And add the RequestID token "&aff_sub=#reqid#" to the end so its value is passed to HO on the click for every user, which will look like this:


From there, place the postback on HO. Your initial postback generated in CAKE will look something like this:


From there, you'll add the tokens for the two values that CAKE needs. The most relevant is the r= (or Request ID) which will be used for attribution.{aff_sub}&t={transaction_id}





As usual, when setting up a new postback, make sure to do a test so you can see a successful conversion in CAKE.

Also if using events make sure to place or update the event pixel in the campaign card for the affiliate.