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How to Test an Offer in CAKE for Tracking Accuracy

This Article Will Cover:

Why You Should Test An Offer

Once you have completed your offer setup and your advertiser has placed the conversion/event pixel(s), it is best practice to test the offer prior to having live traffic. The testing process will enable you to verify that clicks, conversion/events, and leads are all tracking properly. This process can be done by you, your advertiser, or anyone who is provided with the URL to the testing page.

How To Locate The Offer Testing Instructions Page

To locate the testing environment from the Offer card, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Home tab
  2. Click the Test button 

How To Test An Offer

Once you are on the test page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Clear button to clear any existing CAKE cookies 
  2. Click the Turn On button to enable Test Mode 
  3. Click on the encrypted link to be redirected to the advertiser's landing page
  4. On the landing page, complete all necessary steps in the funnel to trigger the conversion
  5. Return to the testing page and click See The Results


When Test Mode is enabled, any Geo Targeting or Rules Targeting set on the offer will be bypassed.

How To Interpret Test Results

After completing all the steps in the conversion funnel, navigate back to the testing page and click the See The Results button. Click details will be shown in the first column and conversion/event/lead details will be shown in the second column. 


When testing from the offer level, the Affiliate Pixel Fired detail will always say "No" as there is no actual Affiliate or Campaign entity tied to this test. To properly test an Affiliate's Pixel, you must test from the Campaign card.

How To Test A Specific Creative On An Offer

To test a specific creative on an offer, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Creatives tab on the Offer card
  2. Navigate to the Test Link column
  3. Click the blue hyperlink titled Link across from the specific Creative Name
  4. Check the Click Report for your results

How To View Tests in Reporting

Test clicks, conversions/events, and leads can all be seen from any CAKE Master Report by filtering for Tests Only or Tests and Non-Tests. However, the reports in the Testing section are the easiest way to find your recent test results. 

To locate the Recent Test Reports, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Affiliates or Advertisers main tab
  2. Click the Testing sub tab
  3. Click Recent Test Clicks, Recent Test Conversions, or Recent Lead Submissions (Lead Gen required)


The results and details of the pixel attempts made by your advertisers can be viewed in the Pixel Log located under the Advertisers main-tab.


I don't see a conversion tracked on the Testing Results page, what do I do?

    First, check the pixel log to see if the pixel request was received but perhaps ignored. If nothing shows, you should contact your advertiser to ensure the pixel is placed and placed properly.

What happens if I use an unencrypted link to test?

    Unencrypted links will receive a 404 and be dispositioned in the Click Report with "Invalid Incoming Link."

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