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How to Add Your Ideas to the CAKE Idea Portal


  1. What is the CAKE Idea Portal?
  2. How do I get started?
  3. Best Practices for submitting an idea
  4. Voting on ideas
  5. Understanding the status of an idea
  6. Can I pay to prioritize my idea?
  7. Idea Notifications


What is the CAKE Idea Portal?


The CAKE Idea Portal is an online experience that allows clients to express their business challenges and the proposed solution in the form of an “idea”. 

Once an idea has been submitted, other clients are able to vote to help validate the idea and to push the idea to the front of the line for future consideration. 


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How do I get started?

Every CAKE customer will be allocated one login. We recommend creating a new email alias specifically for the CAKE Idea Portal, e.g.

If your company does not have access to the CAKE Idea Portal, please contact your account manager or a member of our technical support team today.


Once you’re logged in, simply click on the “Add a new idea” button to submit your idea.


Best Practices for submitting an idea


The best ideas come with the business challenge you’re trying to overcome. If our team can best understand the challenge, it will allow us to work with you to come up with the best possible solution for you and our other clients. 


Here is an outline to consider when submitting an idea.

  1. Present the business challenge
    1. What is the current problem?
    2. Why is it a problem?
  2. Present the solution to this challenge
    1. Explain your idea to solve the problem
    2. How did you come up with this idea?
  3. State any supporting facts that are relevant to the idea
    1. How much time or money will be saved if we implement your idea?
    2. Are you currently doing any workarounds?


Voting on ideas

Once you’ve logged into the CAKE Idea Portal, you are able to browse the ideas submitted by others and vote on the ideas that your company would also benefit from. 

Ideas with the most votes will have the highest probability of moving from “Future Consideration” to “Planned”. 


To vote, simply click on the vote icon to the left of the idea. Once you vote, the icon will turn green and update to “Voted” so that you can easily see the ideas you’ve personally voted on.


Understanding the status of an idea

When an idea is initially submitted, it will default to the status of “Needs Review”. This is an internal status for the CAKE team and will prompt us to review the contents of your idea. 


From there, we will update the idea to one of the below statuses: 

  1. More Info Required: We’ve received the idea, but we don’t fully understand the challenge or the idea that was submitted. An email notification will be sent to address that submitted the idea, letting you know that more information is needed before the idea can be evaluated. A member of the CAKE team will also reach out to help clarify the idea so that it can move forward to the next step.
  2. Future Consideration: The idea has been reviewed and has been accepted! The idea will now be searchable to all members of the Idea Portal and can now be voted on to gain momentum.
  3. Already Exists: We’ve received the idea and fully understand the challenge and the proposed solution, however, we believe this challenge can already be solved with current functionality. If you believe our proposed solution does not fully solve your problem, let us know by commenting on the idea and we will review again. 
  4. Unlikely to Implement: We’ve received your idea, but we will most likely not implement your proposed solution because it does not fit into CAKE’s long-term product strategy.  However, with enough votes and information, this could change!  If your idea has this status, be sure to connect with our Professional Services group to learn more about custom tools and solutions that can be created for your business.  
  5. Will Not Implement: We have reviewed the idea and determined that we will not implement your proposed solution in CAKE because it does not fit CAKE’s product strategy. This likely means there is already another software solution in the market that could be licensed and possibly integrated with CAKE. 
  6. Planned: Exciting news! Your idea has been accepted by CAKE and the CAKE community has validated your idea.  The idea is now with our product and development team and is being planned into our roadmap.
  7. In Development: Your idea is now actively being worked on and will be available soon.
  8. Shipped: Your idea is now available for use! In some cases, we may launch your idea in an Early Adopter program to gather additional validation before making it available to all customers. 


Can I pay to push my idea forward?

There may be some circumstances that allow customers to fund and prioritize an idea. The CAKE team will review each request and provide proper expectations as each idea and circumstance is unique. 


If the idea is unique to your business and other CAKE customers would not benefit from the idea, our Professional Services group will work with you to see if there is a custom API-based tool or solution that would achieve your business goal. 


If the idea is innovative and viable for multiple clients, but is lacking in votes and momentum, CAKE will entertain a paid engagement.


Idea Notifications

If you have submitted, voted or commented on an idea, you will become subscribed to that idea. Any changes to the idea, such as an added comment or status change, will trigger an email notification providing the relevant updates.

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