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How To Onboard To CAKE Pay

This article will cover:

What Is CAKE Pay

As an affiliate, your client (CAKE's customer) has assigned your payment method as CAKE Pay.

CAKE Pay is a service offered to CAKE customers that streamlines payments and tax-related documentation required for payments. 

Before receiving payments from your client via CAKE Pay, you must accomplish two major tasks:

  1. Complete the payment information process
  2. Complete the tax document process

Once both of these steps have been completed, you will be eligible for payments and will have access to view current and past payments made through CAKE Pay. 

How To Register For CAKE Pay

To register for CAKE Pay, you must first login to the Affiliate Portal and navigate to Payout Info Main Tab.

From there, you will be presented with the CAKE Pay terms and conditions.

Add Payout Method

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you will be presented with the tasks of creating a payout method.

Once you have successfully created a payout method, the screen will update with "Active", identifying that you have completed this step.

Complete A Tax Form

You will now be prompted to complete a tax form.


US citizens will complete a W9 whereas international citizens, outside of the US, will complete a W8. 


CAKE Pay requires all partners to supply a TIN (Tax Identification Number). Please refer to this WEBSITE if you are unsure of which TIN to use.

CAKE Pay only supports partners doing business in a country that has a tax treaty with the United States. Otherwise, CAKE Pay would be required to withhold taxes, which is not supported. Please refer to this WEBSITE to review the list of supported countries.

Once you have completed the tax form process, this step in the process will go into a review period.

CAKE's accounting team will be reviewing your documentation and will either approve them or will contact you in case anything is incorrect.

Once the tax documentation has been approved, this section will be updated with a green "Reviewed" label.


How long does it take to review tax documents?

    The CAKE Pay accounting team will review tax documents within 1-2 business days.

When will I receive payment?

    Each customer of CAKE Pay has a unique Net Term. To learn your net terms, please reach out to your client.

What if I do not receive payment, even after I've completed all steps and the net terms have passed?

    Please email for support on payments.

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