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How to Manage Global Billing Settings

This article will cover the following:

- Where to access Billing Settings

- General Settings

- Currency Settings

- Referral Settings

Where to access Billing Settings

Billing settings which house a variety of billing and accounting related settings can be accessed by clicking on the main Setup tab > Settings sub tab > Billing Settings sub tab. This section includes a few different categories for each of navigation and search, outlined below.

Billing Settings > General Settings

This section actually houses most of your billing settings. The remaining settings relate the various add-on features like additional currencies and a referral program and if those are not being used, then everything you need should be located here.

Weekly Bill Cycle Start Day: Selects the day that the weekly billing cycle begins on.

No Bill On Pending: Only relevant if Pending Conversions is being used, with this setting enabled, conversions in a pending status will be excluded when bills are generated in accounting.

Affiliate Minimum Payment Threshold: Sets a default ($) threshold that an affiliate must meet before a bill is generated and getting paid out. This value can be overridden on the Affiliate card. A blank value means there is no threshold.

Do Not Roll Over Negative Bills: When enabled, negative bills will be ignored (not aggregated) when the next bill is generated. While the concept of a negative bills may be confusing, if adjustments are made removing cost after a bill has closed the system will try to compensate for those adjustments in the next generated bill. However, with this checked, only positive rollovers will be carried over to subsequent bills.

Referral Settings > Currency Settings

This section applies only if additional currencies are being leveraged in your system. If the default currency is the only currency, then this section does not apply.

System Default Currency: This is the system default currency - it is populated and grayed out as it is set on the backend.

Default Exchange Rate Feed: Sets the default exchange rate feed CAKE uses to calculate exchange rates. This is not an automatic conversion but instead set on date ranges and rates set in your Accounting tab manually. The feed from where those rates are pulled is defined with this setting.

Affiliate Payment Currency: Sets the currency preference for which you pay your affiliates. Options include: pay affiliate in system default currency, pay affiliate in offer's currency or pay affilaite in affiliate's currency. Whatever is selected here is assumed across the board but can be overridden in the affiliate card > Home tab > More sub tab.

Billing Settings > Referral Settings

These settings enable the referral program feature and set the default settings for that program run through CAKE.

Referrals: This checkbox turns on the referral program.

Flat Fee / Percentage: Sets which pricing structure affiliate referral commissions use. Either a set amount per referral or a percentage of the commission basis (see next).

Commission Basis: What value the referral commission should be calculated as a percentage of. Either revenue, cost or profit of the referrred affiliate.

Minimum Threshold: Similar to a minimum payment threshold, sets a threshold that must be met for a referral commission to be paid.

Amount / Percentage: An extension of flat fee/percentage, the amount of percentage of the referral commission. Think of this as a payout value (or %).

Referral Duration: The length of the commission terms. The first field is a type-in number, the second field includes a list of ranges consisting of: days, weeks, months, years, or indefinite.

All of these settings can be overridden both at the affiliate level on the affiliate card (referrals tab) but also per referral.

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