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How to Update Lead Fields via POST (GET)

This document outlines how to update an existing Lead using the "ckm_lead_id" parameter.

Creating a Lead

A Lead is submitted to CAKE per the Posting Doc.

Here's a sample Post (GET) String: West Coast Highway&home_city=Newport Beach&home_state=CA&cust_home_code=92663&

The Successful Response

A Successful Response returns the following XML (please note the "leadid"):


Updating the Lead

To Update the Lead, we send the same Post String as before, but ONLY with the Updated Fields and the additional "ckm_lead_id" Parameter with the Lead's LeadID inserted. For my example, I want to change the First Name and Email Address of the Lead:

Re-queuing Leads


To re-queue leads, you can take the lead update method and include a single parameter to send the lead to queue. This parameter is "ckm_resell" this is a Boolean parameter so you will pass "1" for TRUE and "0" for FALSE.

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