How to bring your API service up to the needed specifications to integrate with Cake's API properly.

Example XML Parsing Error


When testing Cake's APIs by building an API call and running it from your web browser, an error such as the above may be observed.

Don't panic! The fact that this error appeared means that the API is returning data. The text of the error gives a fairly straightforward description of the issue: the XML being parsed has a character which is not supported by the local XML service.

Not all API services are created equal. The basic XML parser provided by most web browsers will not be robust enough to handle return data with extended characters.

In order to bring your developers up to speed when working on building out services to integrate with Cake's APIs make sure they are aware of the service standards being utilized by Cake:

In particular, take a look at the document map to see details on the standards being used:

If the XML parser that is interfacing with the Cake APIs is able to meet the standards laid out in this document, then no errors should be experienced regardless of the characters being returned by the API since the correct standards will accommodate these scenarios without returning a parsing error.

For additional support and for answers to additional questions regarding Cake's APIs, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Cake Support Team.