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How to View Multi-touch Attribution Reporting

This article covers:

  • Sankey Report
  • Sunburst Report

Data Visualization

The Sankey and accompanying Sunburst Reports give an easy to understand visual representation of the channels preceding a conversion along the customer journey. These reports will give you the insight you need to better allocate your digital marketing spend.

Accessing the Reports

Access the reports at Stats>Reports>Channel Attribution

Sankey Veins

Hover over the Sankey Report veins and they will highlight, revealing the total number of conversions from origin channel to destination channel (1) and number of interactions or touches between the two channels (2).

Sankey Spines

Hover over the Sankey Report spines will highlight all of the veins connected to that channel and the reported data below will filter to display only the spines selected. The value shown (1) is the total number of conversions from the selected channel to the destination channels. Conversely, click on the destination channel to show the total number of conversions from originating channels (2).

Sunburst Report

Clicking on the Sankey Veins displays a Sunburst Report that allows you to dive a level deeper into the data, showing all the paths starting and ending with the selected vein.

Sunburst Deeper Dive

Hover over a ring or a portion of a ring in the Sunburst Report's diagram to reveal the percentage of conversions that traversed the path from the selected vein.


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