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[Reports] Conversions (V10) - Admin

NOTE: The conversion_type node, you will see these available options: Click, Impression, Lead Submission, Third Party, Manual Insertion. Which is how the Conversion originated. In addition to these changes, we have added the Price Format. Syntax = Conversion Type - Price Format.


WSDL Page:  http://<your_domain_here>/api/10/reports.asmx?op=Conversions


Parameter Summary:

api_key / STRING = Admin API Key {See get.asmx > GetAPIKey}}

start_date / DATETIME = Report Start Date [MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS]

end_date / DATETIME = Report End Date [MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS]

affiliate_id / INT = Affiliate ID ["0" = ALL Affiliates] {See export.asmx > Affiliates}

advertiser_id / INT = Advertiser ID ["0" = ALL Advertisers] {See export.asmx > Advertisers}

offer_id / INT = Offer ID ["0" = ALL Offers] {See export.asmx > Offers}

campaign_id / INT = Campaign ID ["0" = ALL Campaigns] {See export.asmx > Campaigns}

creative_id / INT = Creative ID ["0" = ALL Creatives] {See export.asmx > Creatives}

include_tests / BOOL = Include Test Clicks? ["TRUE", "FALSE"]

start_at_row / INT = Starting Row Number [Usually "1", unless doing incremental API Calls]

row_limit / INT = Maximum Rows Returned ["0" = ALL Rows, "100000" = Maximum]

sort_field / STRING = Sort Field ["conversion_id", "visitor_id", "request_session_id", "click_id", "conversion_date", "transaction_id", "last_updated"]

sort_descending / BOOL = Sort Descending? ["TRUE", "FALSE"]


Parameter Types:

api_key - ID

start_date - ID

end_date - ID

affiliate_id - ID

advertiser_id - ID

offer_id - ID

campaign_id - ID

creative_id - ID

include_tests - ID

start_at_row - ID

row_limit - ID

sort_field - ID

sort_descending - ID


Sample GET Call:


Sample XML Response:

<conversion_report_response xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
      <click_request_session_id xsi:nil="true"/>
      <click_id xsi:nil="true"/>
      <click_date xsi:nil="true"/>
        <affiliate_id xmlns="API:id_name_store">5360</affiliate_id>
        <affiliate_name xmlns="API:id_name_store">CPA Ruskie</affiliate_name>
        <advertiser_id xmlns="API:id_name_store">61</advertiser_id>
        <advertiser_name xmlns="API:id_name_store">Money Minus Pets</advertiser_name>
        <offer_id xmlns="API:id_name_store">1000732</offer_id>
        <offer_name xmlns="API:id_name_store">Cake Fixed</offer_name>
        <offer_contract_id xmlns="API:id_name_store">1629</offer_contract_id>
        <offer_contract_name xmlns="API:id_name_store"/>
        <creative_id xmlns="API:id_name_store">1131617</creative_id>
        <creative_name xmlns="API:id_name_store">1131617</creative_name>
      <conversion_type>Click - Fixed</conversion_type>
      <conversion_user_agent>Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/536.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/20.0.1132.57 Safari/536.11</conversion_user_agent>
        <campaign_type_id xmlns="API:id_name_store">1</campaign_type_id>
        <campaign_type_name xmlns="API:id_name_store">Standard</campaign_type_name>

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