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[Addedit] Vertical (V1) - Admin

WSDL Page:  http://<your_domain_here>/api/1/addedit.asmx?op=Vertical


Parameter Summary:

api_key / STRING = Admin API Key {See get.asmx > GetAPIKey}

vertical_id / STRING = Vertical ID ["0" Create Vertical / ID Update Vertical]

vertical_name/ STRING = Vertical Name

vertical_category_id / UNSIGNEDBYTE {See signup.asmx > GetVerticalCategories}

note / STRING = Notes about vertical


Parameter Types:

api_key - ID

vertical_id - ASSIGNABLE

vertical_name/ - ASSIGNABLE

vertical_category_id- ID




Sample GET Call:


Sample XML Response:

<message>Vertical 655 Created</message>

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