WSDL Page:  http://<your_domain_here>/api/1/add.asmx?op=AdvertiserCredit


Parameter Summary:

api_key / STRING = Admin API Key {See Test link}

advertiser_id / INT (unsignedByte)= Advertiser ID {See   GET Advertisers}

currency_id / INT (unsignedByte) = Received Currency ID {See GET Currencies}

amount / DECIMAL= The amount of credit aloted for digital spend

invoice_number / STRING = Invoice Number

verification_code / STRING = Verification Code

notes / STRING = Notes


Parameter Types:

api_key - ID

advertiser_id - ID

currency_id - ID

amount - Assignable

invoice_number - Assignable

verification_code - Assignable

notes - Assignable


Sample GET Call:


Sample XML Response:

<message>Advertiser Credit Transaction Added</message>