NOTICE:  THIS VERSION OF THE API HAS BEEN DEPRECATED.  IT WILL CONTINUE TO WORK INDEFINITELY, BUT HAS INCREASED FUNCTIONALITY IN NEWER VERSIONS.  It is recommended that you switch to using Events, as they provide more flexibility than Steps.  Reach out to your Account Manager for more information.


WSDL Page:  http://<your_domain_here>/affiliate/api/2/offers.asmx?op=Steps


Parameter Summary:

api_key / STRING = Affiliate API Key 

affiliate_id / INT = Affiliate ID 

start_date / DATETIME = Report Start Date [MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS]

end_date / DATETIME = Report End Date [MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS]

offer_id / INT = Offer ID ["0" = ALL Offers]


Parameter Types:

api_key - ID

affiliate_id - ID

start_date - ID

end_date - ID

offer_id - ID


Sample GET Call:


Sample XML Response: