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How to Add Lead Filter Types

This article will cover the following:

- What are buyer filters

- Where to create buyer filters

- Where to apply your filters

What are buyer filters?

Filters are specific requirements for leads defined by your buyer.  While filters can be applied to incoming leads and outgoing leads, this article is specifically referring to filters for outgoing leads in order to successfully sell to your buyer(s).

An example of such a filter would be a minimum debt amount. If you have a buyer that will only purchase leads if the consumer's debt amount is $50,000 or more, then you should create that corresponding filter and apply it to that specific buyer contract.

Filters are built for specific vertical fields and only a handful are pre-built into your system based on basic fields (like state) so when adding filters, you will need to first add the field and then the filter for that field before being able to apply it to a buyer contract.

Where to create filters

Filters are created by going to your main Setup tab > Filter Types sub tab.

Filters consist of 3 parts:

  • Filter Type Name: The name by which the filter will be referenced moving forward as you apply them so name your filter wisely.
  • Lead Field: This is the vertical field the filter applies to. Ex: if your filter is set for the minimum debt amount, CAKE will look at the number passed into the minimum debt amount field on the lead posted into CAKE.
  • Operator: The operator is what CAKE uses to evaluate the field value. Filters are not necessarily inclusive or exclusive, rather that depends on the operator chosen. For example: if your filter is for minimum debt amount, your operator would be "greater than or equal to."  You can then say the minimum debt amount has to be equal to or greater than $50,000.

To add a filter:

  1. Click Add in the top right corner
  2. Type the name of your filter
  3. Select your lead field from the drop down (keeping in mind this will be sorted by vertical)
  4. Select your operator
  5. Clicking Update

Note: different field data types have different compatible operators.

Applying Filters to your Buyer Contracts

Filters are added in the Filter tab of your Buyer Contract card.

To add a filter:

  1. Click the Add button
  2. Select the filter from the dropdown containing all of your available filters
  3. Then add your comparison value(s)

To the right you can see a Zip/Distance Filter.  In this section you can type in a zip code and a distance from that zipcode that this buyer contract can purchase leads from. For example, if you had a buyer contract that will only buy leads within 50 miles of 92663, CAKE will look at the zip code field when making this decision and the distance entered.

Please note that leads coming in will have to match ALL filters so if you have OR conditions you will need to create a custom field that accounts for meeting any of the necessary filters and build a buyer contract filter based on that custom field.

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