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How to Enable Lead Tiers and Tier Payouts

This article will cover the following:

- What are Lead Tiers

- Enabling Lead Tiers

- Creating Lead Tiers

- Customizing Lead Tier Payouts on the Offer

- Customizing Lead Tier Payouts on the Campaign

- How CAKE evaluates Lead Tier Pricing

What are Lead Tiers?

Lead Tiers is a Lead Gen feature that allows you to evaluate incoming leads against a series of filters in order to assign different affiliate payouts to leads.

Enabling Lead Tiers

Enabling Lead Tiers

Creating Lead Tiers

Creating Lead Tiers

When you first enable lead tiers, there are no tiers - they must be added. Lead Tiers, being so field-dependent are added and maintained at the Vertical, where fields are also stored. To add the tiers, only a few fields are required:

Name: The name of the tier

Price: The affiliate payout associated to leads that qualify for that tier

Group: Optional setting that allows you to categorize your tiers into broader groupings. You can then see aggregated stats by these groups under Reports > Lead Tier Groups. Ensure its enabled in your permissions.

Active: Whether CAKE should actively evaluate leads against that tier. IF you are in the process of setting up your tiers, this checkbox should be left unchecked (inactive) - but please note that you will need to remember to activate it when you are ready.

Adding your lead tier filters

Lead tiers, like any validation require filters defining the field values that will define a lead as being associated to a specific tier. At this point, if you have not added your fields and/or your filters please do so now.

To add your filters, go to Setup > Filters, and add the appropriate filters with their name, corresponding field, and operator.

Applying your lead tier filters

First find your filter in the drop down, then add the values that you want to associate to this Lead Tier to the right. If there is more than one value, separate the values with a | (pipe).

Removing Lead Tiers

To remove a filter, simply click the red minus button to the right of the tier you'd like to remove.

Customizing Lead Tier Payouts on the Offer

Once you have added Lead Tiers on the vertical card, you can update payouts under the Contracts tab on your offer card.

Here you will see any contracts that you've added and clicking on the contract in the left panel will open the right-hand panel (specifically the Lead Tiers tab) for editing.

On any Offers that existing prior to the lead tiers being created for that vertical, CAKE will assume that the campaign pricing should default to the affiliate payout set on the campaign and you should see "See Campaign Payout" in italicized lighter text as shown above.

On any Offer created after the lead tiers are added, CAKE will pull the default payout from the vertical on the Offer Contract. Double-clicking on the lead tier, will open up the tier to customizations on the following:

  • Affiliate payout per lead tier: this will be the inherited pricing for any campaigns created once this pricing is set.
  • Fire Pixel: Whether CAKE will or will not fire third party pixels for that tier. This IS assuming that CAKE is receiving a pixel fire after the lead submission from which to piggyback any third party pixels and all standard piggybacking rules apply. Server or postback pixels can only trigger other postback pixels, iframes and javascript pixels can subembed any type of pixel (iframe, javascript, image or postback), and image pixels cannot piggyback any pixels except for postbacks (which is not technically a web-based HTML pixel).

In reverse, if you want to update an offer or offer contract back to standard pricing (CPC, CPA, Revshare, etc.) and NOT using lead tier pricing, you can double-click and delete the price which should change the pricing back to say "See Campaign Payout".

Customizing Lead Tier Payouts on the Campaign

Similarly, you can update payouts for lead tiers at a campaign level as well.

To update the lead tier pricing for a campaign, go to the Lead Tiers tab of the Campaign card where you will see the payouts pulled from the Offer. At this level, only the payout can be customized. Pixel firing logic is maintained at the Offer level.

How CAKE evaluates Lead Tier Pricing

When CAKE evaluates a lead to assess whether lead tier pricing applies, CAKE evaluates from the first tier, methodically through all tiers. So in our example - referencing the above tier setup - CAKE will:

  1. See whether tier 1 (highest level of education - hs [high school] applies.
  2. If it doesn't meet that criteria, CAKE will move on to tier 2 (highest level of education - cc [community college]) to see if tier 2 applies.
  3. If it doesn't meet that criteria, CAKE will move on to tier 3 (highest level of education - college) to see if tier 3 applies.
  4. If the lead does not fall into any of the tiers, CAKE will assign the default payout for the campaign.

Lead Tiers on Lead Cards

Once lead tiers are added, CAKE will always evaluate the lead tier and assign it to a lead card within the Sale Info tab as seen above.

Pricing will defer to the rules set on the offer contract (whether that leverages lead tier pricing or not).

Lead Tiers in Reports

New Fields and Filters for Lead Tiers

With Lead Tiers enabled, a new filter and a new report column will appear in the Leads by Affiliate report.

  • Lead Tier filter
  • Lead Tier column

As the column will be blank where lead tiers don't apply, it may make sense to create a custom view for verticals where lead tiers are assigned.

Here in the Leads by Affiliate report you can see the additional column enabled.

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