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How to Report on Successful Buyer Redirects for Sold Leads

Track and Report on Buyer Redirects

This document will cover the following:

  • What is a Buyer Redirect?
  • Tracking Buyer Redirects in CAKE
  • Settings
  • Reporting

What is a “Buyer Redirect?"

When a Host-n-Post lead successfully posts to a Buyer in CAKE,  the Buyer can choose to send that lead to a specific URL destination of their choice.  The redirect URL is provided by the Buyer at the time of when a “Success” response is recorded in CAKE.

Tracking Buyer Redirects in CAKE

When a Host-n-Post lead is sold to a Buyer, the Buyer returns a redirect URL which CAKE takes in and returns within the response to the Affiliate. Instead of redirecting directly to the Buyer-returned URL.

CAKE will do the following:

Insert a CAKE tracking link with a parameter similar to our ckmrdr parameter which will take in the Buyer-passed redirect URL

Redirect to the Buyer-passed redirect URL

If successfully redirected, CAKE will record a 'redirected' status for that lead

The redirect count and redirect rate columns will be added to all Buyer reports

Note: Since these redirects are Buyer-related statistics, in order to display this metrics within the Affiliate reports (Affiliate, Offer and Campaign master reports), we will allow the client to map successful redirects to an approved conversion disposition within Setup, to display under the Approved disposition column.



Setup Main Tab > Lead Gen Settings > General Settings > Track Buyer Redirects


Lead Detail by Buyer report

Redirected column

Lead Gen reports (Master Buyer & all drill-down reports)

Redirected column

Redirect Rate column : Redirected/Sold

Affiliate reports

Redirect count reflected in Approved disposition column

Specifically the following reports/drill-downs:


­Buyer > Buyer Contract drill-down

­Buyer > Offer drill-down

­Buyer > Offer > Campaign drill-down

­Buyer > Affiliate drill-down

­Buyer > Affiliate > SubAffiliate drill-down

­Buyer > Daily drill-down

­Buyer > Daily > Hourly drill-down

­Buyer > Price drill-down

Reporting Custom Views

Reporting Custom Views

Reporting Custom Views

Reporting Custom View

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