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TRACK Update Lead in Queue API V1

TRACK Update Lead in Queue API V1

Updated on 02-03-2017

Current Version: Version 1

Deprecated Version: NA

Requests Allowed: GET/POS


This API is a multi-tasker, but will only control actions related to leads in pre-sale custom queues that are currently possible in the admin via the Call Center grid.

Currently, actions and sub-actions control call center functions. We'd like to remove the action component and simplify the API to handle the various sub-actions listed below.

  1. Add Call Center Fee
  2. Change Status
  3. Move Lead to Call Center
  4. Move Lead to Queue
  5. Move Lead to Review Queue
  6. Refer Lead to Buyer


Type: String
Length (Max/Min): 50

Must be a valid API key (existing and NOT expired)
Example Value: Fo35NRAqvFLXoZxqB4aViaiYM7iVMhh
Type: String
Length (Max/Min): N/A

Example Values: "E2R3JKM1"
Type: INT
Length (Max/Min): N/A

Must be an existing Vertical ID. Use GET verticals API:
Required in the event that leads are created in different verticals from the same session
Example Values: 32
Type: INT
Length (Max/Min): N/A

ID from GET Queue Status API
Example Values: 235
Type: Enumeration
Length (Max/Min): N/A

Example Values: change_status_only or move_to_queue or move_to_review_queue or move_to_custom_queue or throw_out
Type: INT
Length (Max/Min): N/A

Example Values: 1234

 **Note all optional parameters still need to be passed through in the actual call. These parameters do not need a value (therefore you can use a null value). 

Sample Response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><update_lead_response xmlns="" />   <success>true</success>   <message>Lead updated</message>   <lead_id>STRING</lead_id></update_lead_response> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><update_lead_response xmlns="" />   <success>false</success>   <message>Can not find Lead ID in this vertical</message></update_lead_response>


Example Error Messages: 

Error Message
Likely Cause
Invalid Lead ID     Invalid Lead ID.
Invalid Custom Queue ID             Invalid Queue ID.
Invalid Vertical ID     Cannot find Lead ID in this Vertical.
Invalid Queue Status ID Invalid Queue Status ID.
Invalid Action This action is not supported.


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