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TRACK RejectedDispositions API Version 1

Modified on: Wed, 9 Sep, 2015 at 12:22 PM

TRACK RejectedDispositions API

Updated on 2014-04-06
Current Version: Version 1
Deprecated Version: 
Requests Allowed: GET/POST/SOAP



This API will allow you to get the Rejected dispositions your instance of CAKE currently allows for.


They can also be seen in your instance under Setup> Reasons Lists> Dispositions, then you can filter by the rejected Status.


Resource/WSDL Page:




Required Valu
Length (Max): 50

API key can be found in the user interface under setup> Permissions. Only accessible to administrators.

Example Values: dNJFmId9rI

 **Note all optional parameters still need to be passed through in the actual call. These parameters do not need a value (therefore you can use a null value). 


Example Request


Sample XML Response:

<ArrayOfDisposition xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
<disposition_name>Thrown Out</disposition_name>


Example Error Messages: 

Error Message

Likely Cause

Invalid API Key

API key does not exist or is expired.


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