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How to Configure Grouped Offers

This article will cover the following:

- What Grouped Offers are

- The steps of setting up Grouped Offers in your CAKE system

What are Grouped Offers?

Grouped Offers allow you to drive traffic to 1 offer (a landing page or splash page) and track clicks and conversions that occur on secondary pages/offers that are only accessible on or after the landing page.

With Grouped Offers we call the landing page the Parent Offer and the sub-offers are called Child Offers.  You must:

1) own the landing page or

2) have a custom page for you from your advertiser to where the links on that page can be replaced with our tracking links.

This is a quick-guide on how this works:

  1. A user clicks on a Cake link for the Parent Offer (your landing page)
  2. The user then clicks on a Child Offer link from your landing page
  3. CAKE recognizes the Affiliate from the Parent Offer click, and auto-creates a campaign for the relevant Child Offer
  4. CAKE then tracks a click (and a conversion if one occurs) on the campaign for the Child Offer

In the example above, represents your parent offer, which is the offer your affiliates are driving the traffic to.  When the user clicks on that link this is the page they see.  From that page, the user has the option to click and convert on 9 different offers (child offers).  We will be able to track the click on the parent offer, as well as the click and conversion on the child offers.

Enabling Grouped Offers

To enable Grouped Offers, go to Setup > Tracking Settings. Within Tracking Settings you'll find a Grouped Offers checkbox. Simply check the box, then click save.

Grouped Offers Tab - Offer Card

Once Grouped Offers in enabled you will see a Grouped Offers tab on your offer card.  From here you can click Add to select your "child offers." Remember, your child offers are the ones that are located on the landing page of your parent offer.

You might notice that there is an "auto place pixel" option under the Grouped Offers tab. This option will auto place your affiliate's pixel, from the Parent Offer, onto the campaign cards of the child offers when auto-created.

If your affiliates want specific pixels for each child campaign you need to create those campaigns in advance and place the appropriate pixels.

Generating your 1:Many Link

Once you've added your child offers you can click the "Generate 1:Many Link" button on the offer card.  The Parent Offer will pre populate since that's the card you're currently on and you will have to select your child offer and the creative.

Click next and you will be able to see your new One to Many Link.  This link would be placed with the creative on the parent offer landing page. Once this is done when a user clicks on your affiliate's unique link you will see that click on the Parent Offer. When the user clicks on one of the child offers, you will also see a click, all the way through a conversion for the child offer.

A couple important things to note:

  1. CAKE will auto create campaigns for all child offers
  2. Affiliates will be paid for child offer conversions - there is NO unpaid option

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