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How to Prepopulate Lead Fields on an Offer


This will outline Cake pre-pops, implementation, best practices and some working examples. Pre-popping has many different versions, the pre-pop method you need may depend on if you have access to the source of the page or not. Sections will have an .html file for a sample page, with the needed code to implement. Sections with "See Attached" will indicate there is a file related to this section.

Query String Parameters to Page

If you send extra field-value pairs at the end of the unique link (ones that Cake doesn’t already use such as c=, a=, etc), Cake will add those field-value pairs to the end of the offer link and send them with the user to the landing page. So when we get the user to the page, these field-value pairs will be in the query string.

The page needs to be scripted to parse those field-value pairs and insert them into the appropriate fields.

Example (click):\L \ Example (landing page URL):

Pre-pop with Query String Parameters from Unique Link (Hosted offers)

To pre-pop the page with the d.js Ajax script, the pre-pops tab of the offer needs to have all the field-value pairs you want pre-popped.

If you send the field-value pairs on a query string, Cake has that info in the cookie. So when we get the user to the page, the Ajax script will reference that session and fill the form. The d.js file is basically pulling the info from the click cookie, to pre-pop the form.


See Attached

Getting the AJAX Script

Getting the AJAX Script

Go to the posting doc of the Offer/Vertical, and set the posting doc to "Browser AJAX Post".

Getting the AJAX Script Continued

Getting the AJAX Script Continued

Scroll down on the posting doc to access the Script section.

Note: The Customization section allows you to add custom variables to the page, once the script has been added.

Adding Upsells

  • Add Upsell- Offer and Image Creative
  • Edit Upsell ( Top HTML, Bottom HTML)
  • Enable Pre-pop Link
  • Next
  • Finish

Upsell Method (Upsell Script)

With the Upsell Script example, offers are presented in the order found in the upsell path. Meaning when you complete the first offer in the upsell path, your next stop is offer #2 in that order.

What does the Generate Upsell Script do?

This builds the link to the next offer (http://#domain#com/?uo=starting_offer_id&c=next_offers_creative_id)

Drops an impression pixel so we know they viewed the upsell.

Pulls the image creative from the assigned upsell image.

If "Next Offer" is clicked we store that info, so if they click the same link from their email, then we would bypass the "Skipped" Upsell offer. You can only go up, in the upsell path, not down.

"<script type="text/javascript" src="http://#domain#/u.ashx"></script>"

See Attached

Manual Upsell Method

With the Manual Upsell Method you have the option to send the end user to the upsell offer of your choosing.

For example if you have multiple upsells on an offer, normally we would redirect to those offers in the order they are assigned in the upsell tab (1,2,3,etc.).

This method gives control of the redirect based on the Manual Upsell Link (

NOTE: If an end user has already converted on an offer that is in the upsell list, Cake will redirect to the next available offer in the upsell order, which the user has not converted on yet.


Pre-pop parameter on the first click:\L \

Pre-pop parameter on the upsell click:\L \

See Attached

Additional Attachments

  • Pre-pop with Query String Parameters
  • Upsell Method(Upsell Script)
  • Manual Upsell Method

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