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Understanding the Hierarchy of CAKE Entities

This article will cover:

What are Entities in CAKE?

Entities in CAKE are the elements of the CAKE system that have an associated ID. The entities in CAKE are as follows: 

  • Advertiser
  • Affiliate
  • Buyer
  • Buyer Contract
  • Campaign
  • Creative
  • Offer
  • Vertical 

The CAKE Workflow 

When configuring a new Offer or Campaign in CAKE, the following process should be followed to ensure proper setup. First, the Vertical and the Advertiser must be created in order to add a new Offer. Then, add in the Affiliate. Finally, create a Campaign which ties the Affiliate to the Offer they will be running traffic to.

The CAKE Hierarchy of Entities

Workflow Overview

CAKE is often referred to as a pyramid in regards to the workflow because there is a hierarchy of how things function. The settings for entities that are higher in the pyramid can override the settings for entities that are below them.

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