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How to Add a Vertical

This article covers:

What is a Vertical?

A Vertical in CAKE is an industry used to categorize your Offers. It is the foundation for any workflow process built in CAKE. The Vertical plays a major role in the redirect strategy and, for lead distribution offer types (Hosted and Host N Post), is where customers manage lead fields.

How to Add a Vertical 

To add a new Vertical, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Setup main-tab
  2. Click on the Verticals sub-tab
  3. Click the Add Vertical button
  4. Input the new Vertical Name
  5. Select a Vertical Category from the dropdown
  6. Click Next


Vertical Categories are a higher level of categorization. If you need to add more Vertical Categories, you can do so from the Other Lists sub-tab within the Setup main-tab.

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