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How to Split Test Offers or Landing Pages

How Do I Setup A/B Split Testing?

Split Testing is an experiment designed to test which of two or more marketing assets is more effective in converting traffic. The assets should be nearly identical versions of the same item where a small variant is being compared. For example, when testing landing pages, you might be testing a white background versus a colored background.

This Article Will Help You

  • Learn How CAKE Supports Split Testing
  • Setup a Percentage Split in CAKE

Section 1:  CAKE Split Testing

CAKE supports split testing multiple landing pages by redirecting a user's click from a Creative-specific tracking link to a rotation of desired landing page URLs. For this, Percentage Based Rules Targeting will be utilized on the Offer level to redirect amongst Offer Contracts.

Note: CAKE can also redirect amongst Offers, however, Offer Contracts are recommended for split testing as the Conversion Pixel amongst Offer Contracts is the same.

Section 2: Apply a Percentage Split Rule

Section 2: Apply a Percentage Split RuleZoom: Section 2: Apply a Percentage Split Rule

Note:  This article will assume that additional Offer Contracts for the landing page URL rotation have already been created.

To apply a 50 percentage split rule to your Offer, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Offer card.
  2. Click on the Traffic tab.
  3. Select the Offer Contract that you wish to redirect traffic from.
  4. Select Rules from the targeting type drop-down.
  5. Click the Apply button if you would like Rules targeting to go into effect immediately.
  6. Click the New Rule button.
  7. Name the Split Test Rule
  8. Check the Active box to make this rule target available for use.
  9. If you wish to use this rule again later, click on the Shared box.
  10. Search for the Redirect Offer Contract that you would like to rotate traffic to.
  11. Add the Percentage Split Rule Target from the drop-down.
  12. Insert 50 into the Percentage Split field.
  13. Click Save button.
  14. Click the Create button.

Section 3: Confirming Percentage Split Rotation

Section 3: Confirming Percentage Split RotationZoom: Section 3: Confirming Percentage Split Rotation

Once the 50/50 split percentage rule as been created, a new line item will appear in the Rules grid which displays the Rule Name, Status, and Redirect Offer Contract. The Apply button should also be slightly greyed out meaning targeting rules are being actively applied to your Offer.

To test, send a few clicks through the tracking link to the Offer Contract that contains the Rule. Test mode should not be enabled here as targeting will be bypassed.

After running live traffic, visit the Offer Master Report and use the Offer Contract drill-down to see how well each landing page is performing.

Note: When CAKE redirects a Campaign to the redirect offer contract assigned to the rule, a Campaign for the Affiliate will be auto-created with the new Offer Contract. This new Campaign will be visible to the Affiliate in the Affiliate Portal.

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