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How to Configure Email Settings

This article will cover:

What Are Email Settings Used For?

The Email Settings in CAKE allow your company to use a custom Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to relay various types email communications to your employees and partners. The SMTP settings are most commonly used to send login emails, alert emails, and transactional emails regarding the account and campaigns.

Where To Add Email Settings In CAKE

To enable your custom email domain to send emails from CAKE using SMTP settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Setup main-tab

  2. Click on the Settings sub-tab

  3. Click Email Settings 

  4. Input the General Settings 

  5. Click Save

What Are The SMTP Settings?

The General Settings for configuring your email SMTP are as follows:

  • Mail Server Domain/IP Address: The SMTP domain of your server, e.g.

  • Mail Server "From" Email Address: The address you want emails to come from

  • Mail Server "From" Name: The name you want to be shown when others receive an email

  • Mail Server Username: The Username of the account on the SMTP server

  • Mail Server Password: The Password of the account for the username

  • Mail Server Port Number: The Port on your SMTP server to send an email, e.g. 25, 465, 587 or 8080

  • Mail Server Use SSL: Tick the box if your mail server requires a secure transmission


Is there a limit to how many emails can be sent?

    Check with your SMTP email provider to see if they have a limit to the number of emails that can be sent.

Can this email address receive replies?

    Check the email address settings within your SMTP email provider to see if the address can receive replies.

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