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How To Preserve Opened Cards When Navigating CAKE

This article will cover:

What Is The Global Setting "Enable Preserve Opened Cards"

CAKE leverages a card-based user interface that allows users to manage multiple entities at the same time. 

Since a lot of the cards in CAKE have "breadcrumbs", a user will often find themselves managing multiple cards within the same screen.

By default, any open card will be automatically closed when navigating between Main Tabs. 

To "preserve" any cards that are opened while navigating between Main Tabs, a Global Settings has been added that allows users to keep the cards open.

How To Enable The Setting

To enable the Global Setting, follow these steps:

  1. Click Setup
  2. Under the System Settings section, tick the box to the left of Enable Preserve Opened Cards
  3. Click Save


Preserve Opened Cards will maintain most cards within the system, but there are some things to be aware of.

First, we've created this feature to only function in the new navigation. If you are using the legacy navigation, this feature will not work.

Second, be aware of how many cards you have opened. If you have a lot of cards open, the system may take a little extra time to load when navigating between tabs.

Third, breakout reports will not be preserved when navigating to the Accounting or Setup tab. They will, however, be preserved when navigating between the Affiliates, Advertisers, Reports and Channels Tabs.

Lastly, this feature does not restore configurations that have not been saved. You must save your work before navigating to another tab. 


Is there a limit to how many cards I can have opened?

    No, there is not a limit. Too many cards, however, will slow down the process of navigating between tabs.

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