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A Guide to CAKE Analytics Reports

This article will cover:



What Are Analytics Reports?


The CAKE Analytics reports are an enhanced version of select master reports, built within an interactive interface. These reports empower our clients to explore their data in a more visual way. Today, CAKE offers 4 Analytics reports: Affiliate, Affiliate Tag, Campaigns and Offer.


How To Use Enhanced Filters


One major enhancement introduced in the Analytics framework is the drag-and-drop method for managing filters. By default, the Filters section will display a small handful of available options depending on the report.  



To activate additional filters, or make them available in the Filters section, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Filters Settings icon

  2. Drag and drop a filter from the Available Filters section into the main Filters section

  3. Click Apply


The chevron icon in the top right corner of this section will collapse all filters to provide more real estate to display the visual.

How To Use Filter Crumbs

Filter crumbs are a visual way of showing which filters are actively being used. Individual filters can be reset by clicking on the “x” icon to the right of the filter name.


Click “CLEAR ALL” to reset all filters, except for the date range.




How To Use Battle Metrics


The line graph allows you to visualize individual data points or compare two metrics at the same time. By default, the visual that is displayed draws from the top summary line of the report below. To visualize individual rows from the report, click on the box to the left of each row. This will remove the summary data.




How To Use Period Comparison

CAKE Analytics enables users to visually compare various ranges of reporting data. Depending on the range, CAKE will automatically select the period comparison option. Likewise, if the range is suitable for multiple periods, those options will become available.

Month-over-month is available for a range of 3 months or longer. Month-over-month AND day-over-day are available for a range of 3 months or shorter. Day-over-day and hour-over-hour are available for a range of 6 days or shorter. To toggle between period comparison options, select from the icons above the visual.

How To Customize Reporting Columns And Drilldowns


Similar to the filters section, you can rearrange the reporting columns as needed through the drag-and-drop method. 


To enable or disable a reporting column or drilldown, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the report grid

  2. Click on the 3 dots to the right of either Columns or Drilldowns

  3. Toggle the column or drilldown until the toggle is green.




Auto Size All Columns is a convenient way for you to reset each adjusted column back to its ideal width using a single click.

How To Pin And Edit Columns


You can choose to pin columns to keep the data that is most relevant locked in view while still being able to scroll. Each individual column has three horizontal lines which expand into the options of pin, autosize and edit column. Choices for pinning include: Pin Left, Pin Right, or No Pin to unlock a pinned column.


Additionally, the Edit Column option allows you to rename the column title to align with your specific business terminology.




Clicking on the name of the column will activate descending sort and clicking again will activate ascending sort.

How To Save A Reporting View

Once you have modified the report with selected filters, columns, drilldowns etc., you have the option to save the configurations for future use.

To save a report, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 3 dots on the top right of the page, above the filters.

  2. Click Save As New

  3. Optionally click Share View if you would like others in your organization to access this report view

  4. Optionally click Default View if you would like this view to display whenever you login to CAKE

  5. Optionally edit the name of your custom report by clicking into the name of the report. This will be located above Current View

  6. Click the disc icon.



Is there a cost associated with enabling Analytics reports?

    No, Analytics are a free enhancement for all our users. You simply need to request to have them turned on in your account.


Is the visual included when I select "Export to CSV?"

    No, the visual is not exportable from CAKE.

Why is the report empty for my role?

       There is roles access that needs to be enabled. Ask your admin to enable all permissions underneath Reports >General.

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