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How To Configure Shared Departments

This article will cover:

What Is A Shared Department?

A Shared Department in CAKE allows you to assign multiple users into the same group so that all members of that group can access each other’s Affiliate, Advertiser, or Buyer accounts.

When a user's permission settings have "Show All Affiliate/Advertiser/Buyer Accounts" disabled and "Limit Access to Other Affiliate/Advertiser/Buyer Accounts" enabled, without a department, they are only able to view the accounts where they are assigned as the Account Manager. Alternatively, with "Show All Affiliate/Advertiser/Buyer Accounts" enabled and "Limit Access to Other Affiliate/Advertiser/Buyer Accounts" disabled, they can view all accounts. 

The Shared Departments feature is a happy medium, allowing multiple users access to the same group of accounts without showing them everything.

How To Enable The Shared Departments Feature

To have Shared Departments enabled for your account, please submit a support ticket ( to request this feature. Once enabled, you will see a new permission titled "Allow Management Changes." This setting controls who can change system user's email addresses and assigned departments.


It is a best practice to disable this permission setting for any user roles who should not be able to change departments at their own discretion.

How To Create A Department

To create a Department in CAKE, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Setup main tab
  2. Click the Other Lists sub tab
  3. Navigate to the Departments list
  4. Click Add
  5. Type a unique Department name then click Update to save

How To Assign Employees To A Department

To assign an Employee to a Department, follow these steps:

  1. Open the employee's contact card
  2. Navigate to the Info sub tab
  3. Select the name of the Department from the dropdown
  4. Click Save


A user can only be assigned to a single Department.


Can an employee change their department?

    It depends. The department can be changed if the user's role has the permission “Allow Management Changes” enabled.

If my role can see all accounts does Shared Departments impact me?

    No. Since your role is not restricted by Show All Accounts / Limit Access enabling this feature will not impact that role.

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