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How to Add a Campaign

This document outlines how Campaigns are created in CAKE Basic.
A Campaign is the relationship between an Affiliate and an Offer they are driving traffic to.

Manually Creating A Campaign

The "Create a Campaign" Wizard can be accessed from multiple parts of the interface.

  1. You can also create a Campaign from the Affiliate Card or the Offer Card under their respective Campaigns tabs.
  2. Additionally, you can access the wizard from the Affiliates Main Tab hover menu as seen above.

Create a Campaign Wizard

All fields are required on the Create a Campaign wizard. The wizard will highlight missing fields in red before you can continue.

Affiliate: Who will be granted access to the Offer
Offer: The Offer you are making available to the Affiliate.
Media Type: The type of media your Affiliate is intending to use to drive traffic to your Offer.
Default to Offer Currency: Seek more info from your Account Manager regarding currencies in cupCAKE.
Price: How much you intend to pay your Affiliate based on the Price Format of the Offer.
Status: cupCAKE will only redirect traffic to the intended Offer on an "Active" Campaign. Inactive and Pending will cause a redirect to an alternate Offer or Global Redirect.

Alternate Methods For Accessing The "Create a Campaign" Wizard

Offer Card

Affiliate Card

Approving A Campaign

Affiliates are able to submit an application to have access to your Offers if you have "Apply To Run" Offers.
Once an Affiliate has applied, the application will be available in the Admin Portal.

  1. Click on the Affiliates Main Tab
  2. Click on Applied
  3. Click on Campaigns
  4. To approve a Campaign, click Approve in the "Actions" column.

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