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Sending Emails through CAKE Basic

How do I send emails to my contacts using CAKE's email tool?
First - you need to know where our email templates are located and how to create them.

Email Templates


1. Click on SETUP
2. Click on EMAIL TEMPLATES (on the left-hand nav bar)

Now you should see your email templates to the right. A number of these are system default templates that automatically get sent for various actions - the login info template for example. You can tell which are default templates because there are limited choices in the "Action" column on the right and they CANNOT be deleted. This may not make sense when you don't have any custom templates, but the above screenshot demonstrates what you would see when there are custom templates and the difference between the two.

ALL email templates, default of otherwise can be edited to your liking to say and look however you choose. That includes the option to make them HTML emails instead of plain-text emails.

How to add a custom template

To add a new email template, click on the "Add Email Template" button in the top-right corner. This will open a window where you can name your new template.
Once you've named your new template, click NEXT. Step 2 will re-state the template name and from email address for confirmation. If everything is okay, click FINISH.

Create/Edit Template

Next, a new window with your email template will open.
Here you can add a subject line for your email and enter your content.
This can be plain-text or HTML. If you choose to use an HTML template, don't forget to check the "HTML" checkbox in the upper-right above the token list.

Certain values can be tokenized and to assist you, the list of available tokens is listed on the right-hand side.

Checking your email template


To see what your template will look like, you can click on the "Send Test to Me" icon - which will send a proof to your email address.
Additionally, you can schedule a delivery or remove a template by using the icons on the left-hand side.

Sending emails

To send emails, 
1. Hover over SETUP
2. Then go to "Deliver Email"
3. Then go to the recipients that you would like to mail to. You can choose from all contacts, Affiliates, Advertisers, and Buyer and List Managers if you have licensed the Lead Gen side of cupCAKE.

Select recipient filters


The Email Delivery Wizard allows you to select filters to narrow down the recipients who should receive your email. Depending on who you are mailing to, the filters you will be shown vary. The Email Affiliates wizard shown above includes the most filter options. Every filter you select will be applied together so for example, if you selected the below 2 filters, you would only be e-mailing contacts who fit both pieces of criteria.

Affiliate Manager: Jane Smith
Account Status: Active

If NO filters are selected, the system will find all contacts with valid email addresses.

Your selected filters will be displayed in step 2 for review along with the total number of contacts that the system found that met that criteria. If everything is correct, click FINISH and your email will be sent.

Please reference this post about unsubscribe information ( to see what your unsubscribe link is for your system so that the unsubscribe information can be included in your templates.

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