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How to Configure a Buyer's Delivery Schedule

This article will cover:

What Is A Delivery Schedule?

The Delivery Schedule lets CAKE know the Buyer's availability to purchase leads.  The Schedule includes the days of the week this Buyer Contract can buy leads, the times during the day they are available, how many leads this Buyer Contract can purchase on a daily basis and how much the Buyer is purchasing each lead for on a given day.

Where Do I Configure A Buyer's Delivery Schedule?

To configure a Buyer’s Delivery Schedule, you will navigate to the Delivery Schedule tab of the Buyer Contract card. 

To access this tab, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Lead Gen main tab
  2. Navigate to the Contracts sub tab
  3. Search the name of the Buyer Contract
  4. Click on the Buyer Contract name to launch the card
  5. Click on the Delivery Schedule tab

How Do I Add A Buyer's Delivery Schedule?

To add a Buyer's delivery schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add
  2. Pick a Day of Week
  3. Choose a Time Start
  4. Choose a Time End
  5. Choose a lead Cap
  6. Choose a Price per lead
  7. Choose a Type
  8. Optionally tick Sweeper
  9. Optimally tick Priority
  10. Optionally tick No Return
  11. Click Update to save

Alternatively, to set a schedule that is always active, follow these steps:

  1. Click 24/7
  2. Choose a Daily Lead Cap to apply to all days
  3. Choose a Price per lead to apply to all days
  4. Choose a Type to apply to all days
  5. Optionally tick Sweeper
  6. Optimally tick Priority
  7. Optionally tick No Return
  8. Click Save

What Are The Types Of Delivery Schedules?

There are three types to choose from when configuring a Buyer Contract:

Exclusive: means that any lead selling to this Buyer can not sell to any other Buyer. The Buyer has exclusive rights to the lead. 

Multisell: means that any lead selling to this Buyer must also sell to at least 1 other Buyer. This is also referred to as shared leads. If another Buyer is not available to purchase the lead, the lead will not sell at all. 

Hybrid: means that any lead sold to this Buyer can be sold exclusively or mulitsold. When the lead is unable to sell to another Buyer to complete the multisell rule, the Buyer can still purchase the lead as if it were exclusive. Vice versa, if selling the lead exclusively would earn less than multiselling it, the contract will act as a multisell and partner with another Buyer(s).

What Is A Sweeper?

Sweeper is a setting for multi-sell or hybrid type Buyer Contracts which allows that contract to participate under certain multi-sell sale conditions. 

Sweepers do not become eligible to purchase a lead until a minimum amount of multisell partners has been reached in the sale (Sweeper Partners) and if the total limit of multisell Buyers has not already been reached (Resell Limit). 

To adjust either of these settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Vertical Card
  2. Navigate to the Routing Information tab
  3. Adjust the Resell Limit and Sweeper Partners settings accordingly
  4. Click Save

What Is Priority?

By default, CAKE will attempt to sell leads to the Buyer(s) who are willing to pay the most money. When priority is enabled, CAKE will instead attempt to post the lead to the prioritized Buyer(s) first, regardless of the price they are willing to pay for the lead. Essentially, this setting allows you to favor Buyer relationships over price.

When multiple Buyer's have priority enabled, CAKE will determine which one post to first based on its Rank. 

To configure a rank of prioritized Buyers, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Buyer Contract card
  2. Navigate to the Post Information tab
  3. Adjust the Rank number accordingly
  4. Click Save

What Is No Return?

No return disables the Buyer's ability to return leads from within the CAKE Buyer Portal. When returns are allowed, the window in which a return must take place is defaulted as 30 days.

To adjust the return window, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Buyer Contract card
  2. Navigate to the Info tab
  3. Adjust the Maximum Return Age (Days) accordingly
  4. Click Save

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