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How to Manage the Lead Buyer Schedule


The Buyer Schedule is a great visual to see how each Buyer Contract is performing.


Buyer Contract: The name of the Buyer Contract.


Buyer: The corresponding Buyer to the Buyer Contract named to the left.


Default Price: The price found in the Delivery Schedule tab in the Buyer Contract.


Open / Close: The times during the day the Buyer Contract can purchase leads.


Balance/Credit: The remaining balance of the Buyer.


Sold: How many leads that have successfully sold to the Buyer Contract.


Cap: How many leads the Buyer Contract can purchase.


Errors: This will count how many leads failed to sell to the Buyer Contract. This includes General Failures, Duplicates, Time outs and any disposition other than Success.


Pings: This counts how many times this Buyer Contract has been pinged.


Dynamic Price: This will be green if a token has been placed in the Price Token field in the Buyer Contract Delivery Method Tab.


On: This will be green if the Buyer Contract schedule is on.


Type: This will reflect either Exclusive, Multisell or Hybrid. The Buyer Contract Type can be edited here and is determined by the Schedule item per day within the Buyer Contract Card in the Schedule Tab.


Priority: This will be green if Priority was checked in the Buyer Contract. The number reflects the order of Priority.

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