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How to Set Up Buyer Contract Delivery Schedules

To add a Buyer Contract's delivery schedule, first open the Buyer Contract card, then click on the Delivery Schedule tab.


The Delivery Schedule tab will allow you to build out your Buyer’s schedule for this specific Buyer Contract.

The Schedule includes the days of the week this Buyer Contract can buy leads, the times during the day they are available, how many leads this Buyer Contract can purchase on a daily basis and how much the Buyer is purchasing each lead for on a given day.

Dynamic pricing is possible and is set up in the Delivery Method Tab.

Type: This drop down includes 3 options: Exclusive, Multisell or Hybrid. 

Exclusive means that leads selling to this Buyer Contract can not sell to any other Buyer Contract. The Buyer has Exclusive rights to the lead. 

Multisell means that the leads selling to this Buyer Contract also have to sell to another Buyer Contract as well. If another Buyer Contract is not available to purchase the lead, the lead will not sell at all. 

Hybrid will accept a Multisell lead but if another Buyer Contract is not available to also purchase the Multisell lead, the Buyer can still purchase the lead as if it were Exclusive.

Sweeper: A Sweeper is a Buyer Contract, per day that it is checked, that can purchase a multi-sold lead at a lower price.

Priority: Clicking Priority, per day that it is clicked, will inform Cake to ignore Price Priority. Cake will prioritize which Buyer Contract to sell a lead to based on which Contract is willing to spend the most money. That is unless Priority is activated. Additionally, a Buyer Contract can have a Ranking Priority.

No Return: Clicking No Return, per day that it is clicked, will disable the Buyer’s ability to return leads sold to this Buyer Contract.

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