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How to Navigate the Conversion Pixel Log

This article covers:

  • What is the Pixel Log?
  • How to Access the Pixel Log
  • Pixel Dispositions

*Please note: CAKE only stores the complete pixel log for a trailing 3 months

What is the Pixel Log?

The pixel log displays all the pixel attempts made by your advertisers for any of your offers, active or inactive, for the purposes of better understanding how your advertisers have implemented your pixel(s).

Where is it Located?

The pixel log is located under the main Channels > Pixel Log subtab.


The report includes filters for: Brand, Offer, Active/All Status ('Hide Inactive Offers' checkbox), and Date.

The default will be all offers for the current day, but this can be adjusted.

The Main Page

Global Brand Pixel: Is the pixel a global Brand pixel? Green if yes, Red if no.

Attempted: The number of calls that were made to CAKE for that offer

Ignored: The number of calls that were ignored by CAKE. All dispositions listed later in this document

Converted: The number of calls that counted towards a valid conversion

Whitelisted: The number of calls that were made from a whitelisted IP

From: Date and time of the earliest pixel call in that date range

To: Date and time of the most recent pixel call in that date range

When you click on the hyperlinked 'Attempted' number, it will open a new tab with the pixel log for that specific offer.

Offer Pixel Log

The data shown here includes:

IP Address: the IP the pixel call was made from (with a server pixel you would expect this IP to be constant or limited at the very least)

URL: the pixel call URL

Referrer: the URL the call was made from

Ignored: Green if yes, Red if no

Whitelisted: Green if yes, Red if no

Conversion: the conversion/lead ID if converted

Disposition: the disposition of the pixel call (see full list below)

Pixel Dispositions

Conversion Pixel Not Allowed On CPM Offer: Conversion pixels are not used or needed for impression tracking within CAKE.

Conversion Stored: The pixel fired properly and CAKE tracked the conversion.

Cookie/Session Not Found: The pixel fired, but CAKE did not find a Cookie or Session to connect it to a particular click or user.

Duplicate Transaction ID: CAKE has already received this Transaction ID on the postback.

Offer Not Found: The pixel fired but CAKE did not find the Offer it is tied to; the Offer may have been deleted.

Pixels Fired After CPC: CPC price formats do not require a pixel fire for the conversion. CAKE will ignore this pixel fire.

Pixels Fired After Lead Submission: On Hosted and Host-n-Post Offer Types, CAKE needs the lead prior to calling the conversions pixel.  This disposition is acknowledging that the conversion pixel was sent correctly. This would be used to call an affiliates pixel only.

Pixels Fired On Postback Fallback: CAKE stored the HTML pixel and categorized it as the fallback since it was fired after CAKE stored the conversion from the Postback.

Step Conversion Stored: The Step pixel was fired and CAKE stored that particular conversion.

IP Over Max Connections Per Second: This means the same IP address has sent multiple conversion pixels over the threshold. If this occurs, the IP needs to be whitelisted via the pixel whitelist tab.

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