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How to Update Lead Revenue Using a Conversion Pixel

How to manage lead sale price updates when conversion pixels fire on the confirmation page.

Section 1:

When A Price Update Is Required For Paid Actions After The Lead Sale

In Host-n-Post lead sale scenarios such as co-reg where Buyers purchase a lead, redirect the user to their page, and then fire the pixel upon completion of a follow-up paid action (such as a signup or a sale), then Cake can be configured to update the received price for that lead when the pixel is fired.

For example: Co-Reg scenario where the Buyer pays $10 for each lead plus the right to dynamically redirect each user to their product page. Then if the consumer signs up, they fire a Conversion Pixel and update the revenue for that lead to $36. With the configuration shown above, Cake will behave according to these rules (note that options shown under the Offer Card > Distribution tab work together with this functionality, they are not dependent on eachother).

Section 2: 

When The Buyer Purchase Price Fully Completes The Sale

To prevent Cake from updating the sale price when a pixel is fired after the sale (thus allowing Affiliate pixels to be triggered without affecting revenue figures in reporting), set the Host-n-Post "Price Received" value to $0. This tells Cake to log the Buyer's purchase price as the final sale amount, regardless of any follow up pixels.

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