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How to Create a Custom Report Calculation

This article will cover the following:

- How to add a column into your reporting views

Reports: Adding/Editing a View

In CAKE, the custom views in Reporting allows you to "Add Column". This is powerful because you can make custom calculations on analytics that are already in your CAKE instance. This functionality is most commonly used for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and commission for Employees.

To access the custom views of a report, you need to click the "Edit View" icon.  This will open the Edit View card.

Add Column

  1. On the Edit View card, click the Add Column button.
  2. Name the Column
  3. Click Done to save the changes

Add Column Continued

Upon clicking Done, a new card will open asking for the formula you'd like CAKE use to calculate the new column.  All formulas must be based off of two original reporting columns.  The token used for the formula will be #columnname#.  This is case sensitive, so if your columns begin with a capital, your token should as well.  Ex: #ColumnName#

4.    Input formula 

5.    Click Save

Saving the New Column

To save the new column, you have two options.  You can click Update View, which will change the current view you are on to include the new column.  This will also auto calculate the new column.  Your other option is to click the Create New View button, which will allow you to save this new report (with your new column) as a new report.

Available Tokens

CAKE will replace the tokens for Report Column names that are available in the report you are currently viewing. Note tokens are case sensitive so if the column name is Offer Name than the corresponding token would be #Offer Name#. 

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