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How Affiliates Can Use Tokens to Send Dynamic Values in Pixels

What Are CAKE Tokens?

URL Tokens sometimes referred to as macros, allow you to pass values in a Sub ID parameter of the CAKE Tracking Link that can be dynamically returned on your pixel or postback URL.  Tokens can also be used to send CAKE-generated values, which can help track campaign performance or assist with reconciliation between CAKE and your affiliate marketing software.

CAKE Tokens can be identified by the pound/hash symbol on either side of the value. For example, #s1# or #tid#.

How to Find the List of Available Tokens

To find the list of available tokens in the Affiliate Portal, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the Offers tab
  2. Click on an active Offer from the Offers grid
  3. Click on the Testing & Tracking tab
  4. Navigate to the Tokens section on the left

How to Configure My Pixel or Postback URL with Tokens

The conversion pixel you generated from your tracking platform or media buying platform will likely contain open parameters that you can insert a token into.

Example Postback URL before modification:

To configure your pixel or postback URL with a CAKE token, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the parameter that you need to update
  2. Find the corresponding token from the Tokens list
  3. Copy and Paste the token value after the identified parameter
  4. Click Save

Example Postback URL after it has been modified:


#s2# is the most common parameter and token to pass a click ID or session ID.  If you passed your Click ID in a different Sub ID parameter, such as s3, you would use the corresponding token, #s3#.


What is the Transaction ID token?

    The Transaction ID is a unique value that was passed to your advertiser.  Passing the Transaction ID allows you to connect a conversion from your system with your advertiser and their advertiser. 

What is the Lead ID token?

    The Lead ID is a unique ID that CAKE assigns to every conversion, event or lead. 

Where should I pass my system’s click ID / session ID and what token should I use?

    CAKE recommends that you pass your click ID or session ID in the s2= parameter of the tracking link. You would then use the #s2# token in your pixel or postback URL. 

How do I dynamically insert the affiliate ID from my system on my pixel or postback URL?

    The s1= parameter on the CAKE tracking link is exclusively reserved for the affiliate ID from your system. You would then use #s1# to dynamically insert that value into your pixel or postback URL. 

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